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Who Is Robb Evans?
32 yrs Fitness & Nutrition Expertise
Award Winning Weight Loss Coach & Health Strategist
Internationally Published Author
Fitness Business Founder & Senior Managing Partner
Aspirational Speaker
Chartered Accountant & Business Coach
Metabolic Nutritionist
Board Member & Philanthropist
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Robb Evans
Red Carpet

Must Watch!

As Featured In:

Sir Richard Branson
"Business Magnate"

Russell Peters
Andrea Navedo

Brooke Shields
Mel Gibson
Michael Douglas
Charlie Sheen
Jessica Simpson
Hugh Hilton  "Strategic Thinking Coach"
​​​​​​​& Vanilla Ice
Dr Phil McGraw
JT Foxx

​​​​​​​"World's #1 Wealth Coach"

Moira Forbes
"Publisher of Forbes Women"

Stedman Graham
""Author & Oprah's Partner"

Gabrielle Macht

"aka Harvey Specter"

Dolph Lundgren
"aka Ivan Drago - Rocky IV"

Jillian Michaels
"Biggest Loser Trainer"

Vince Vaughn


Robert & Kim Kiyosaki
"Rich Dad Poor Dad"

Gary Vaynerchuk
​​​​​​​"Internet Sensation"

Marty Ray

"Independent Singer"

Steve Mandell "Attorney", Kavita Channe "US Television Personality" &  Bruce Buffer

"UFC Octagon Announcer"

Mike Slade

"Consultant to Apple & Microsoft" 

Barney Waters

"President, K-Swiss"

Bruny Surin & Steven Bradbury

"Olympic Gold Medallists"

Gilbert Gottfried

Kimora Lee Simmons
"TV Personality & Entrepreneur"

Steve Wozniak

​​​​​​​"Apple Co-Founder"

Randi Zuckerberg
"Former Marketing Director, Facebook"

George Ross
​​​​​​​"Donald Trump's right hand man for 45 yrs"

Eddie Merckx

"5 x Tour de France Winner"

Kerri Pottharst

​​​​​​​"Olympic Gold Medalist"

Kelly Cartwright
"Paralympic Gold Medalist"

James Fitzgerald

​​​​​​​"Crossfit Games Winner"

Pete Cohen
​​​​​​​"World Weight Loss Expert"

Jens Voigt
​​​​​​​"Cycling Legend"

George Ross  "Donald Trumps' RH Man & Frank McKinney "Real Estate Artist"
Andre Phillippe Gagnon
"Master Impersonator"

Fred Fishback Vanilla Ice & Eric Simmons 

"Billionaire Entrepreneurs"

Don Elgin
"Paralympic Medallist"

Billy Beck III
​​​​​​​"World's Best Personal Trainer"

Jason Alexander

"aka George Costanza - Seinfeld"

Tom Bilyeu
"Co-Founder Quest Nutrition"

Sharni Williams

"Olympic Gold Medallist"

Jay Abraham
"Marketing Guru"

Garry Kasparov
"Chess Grandmaster"

Natalie Cook

"5 x Olympian & Gold Medallist"

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